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Forthcoming or Recent Conferences of Interest
Past ACM CSCW Conferences
  • CSCW 2006, Banff, Canada
  • CSCW 2004, Chicago, Illinois
  • CSCW 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • CSCW 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • CSCW '98, Seattle, Washington
  • CSCW '96, Boston, Massachusetts
  • CSCW '94, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • CSCW '92, Toronto, Canada
  • CSCW '90, Los Angeles, California
  • CSCW '88, Portland, Oregon
  • CSCW '86, Austin, Texas

Proceedings from past CSCW conferences are available through the ACM Digital Library.

Past European CSCW Conferences

The conference's papers and videos are available at the ACM Digital Library. Thank you to all of you who participated in the call instructions, doctoral and demos, as well as the workshops.


Coming Dates:

11/02/12: CSCW2013 will take place in San Antonio, Texas, USA on February 23-27.

03/12/12: Marietta L. Baba Professor of Anthropology at Michigan State University made her closing remarks and CSCW2013 is the next conference, details will follow shortly.

08/05/11: CSCW2012 will be held on February 11-15 in Seatle, Washington; this is the fifthteen CSCW conference taking place in one of the hubs of American technology on the West Coast.

12/15/10: CSCW2011 was held on March 19-23 on the edge of West Lake, the 1st time the conference is held outside of North America

11/17/09: Registration and hotel reservations to CSCW2010 available

10/18/09: Three panels added to CSCW2010's advance program

07/03/09: Notification date for Papers, Notes, Panels and Workshops for CSCW2010

5/18/09: Doctoral Colloquium, Interactive Posters, Demons-
tration and Videos Submission

03/22/09: Notification date for other venues

11/22/08: CSCW 2010 has started their website

11/13/08: CSCW 2008 was a success with record attendance


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