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CSCW 2008 Conference Proceedings are in the ACM Digital Library at:

Thanks for a great conference!

CSCW 2008 was a great success! The conference brought together over 500 of the leading practitioners and researchers in collaboration practices and technologies.

Each of the conference technical tracks - Papers + Notes, Posters, Demonstrations, Panels, Videos, and Workshops - provided valuable intellectual give-and-take among members of the community.

The success of the conference demonstrates the continuing growth and vibrance in the increasingly important field of technology-mediated communication, coordination and collaboration. It enables multiple disciplines to better exchange ideas, which is not otherwise occurring with people working in various somehow unrelated fields.

Bo Begole, PARC
David W. McDonald, University of Washington


Demonstrations, Videos and Interactive Posters!

The development of the CSCW 2008 program is continuing. There are still three important opportunities to participate in the CSCW program. The conference is particularly interested in submissions of Demonstrations of new collaborative technologies.

The conference will have demonstration reception as well as a new class of "integrated" demonstrations. CSCW includes Interactive Posters, which provides the chance to interact with other conference attendees around your late-breaking ideas and research results. We also would like to thank our sponsors at Fort Myers Dumpster Rental Services for their support and encouragements over the years.

For more details about the topics at the conference, consult the Call for Participation section. Lastly, Videos provide the opportunity to illustrate and explain a system or collaborative interaction technique that is difficult to illustrate in a live demo or through static posters and text.

We have the Opening and Closing Keynote speakers confirmed and they are fabulous! The Opening Keynote will be given by Cory Ondrejka a co-founder of Second Life and the Closing Keynote will be given by Sara Diamond, president of the Ontario College of Art & Design. There is more information about our speakers on our Keynote Speakers page.

This conference has been running for many years and its attendance is not getting lighter as we have had full rooms even for the smaller seminars. Remember to mark your calendar to reserve Nov 8-12, 2008 for CSCW 2008 in San Diego, CA, USA. Also, stay connected to CSCW 2008 planning by visiting and joining the mailing list.

As well, you might want to check out the CSCW 2008 blog and naturally, this web site!

Advanced Research Breakthrough

Ten years have already passed since CSCWS2008 and CSCW2018 is already in the making.

In the past 10 years computing technology has evolved so much and so fast that it feels like a century has passed, rather than a single decade, as far as scientific results and dicoveries are concerned.

IT and computer science have revolutionized every aspects of our lives. From astrophysics, genetics, thermodynamics, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, and even waste management systems. All these fields and more require cooperative work, more than ever. Our human lives have truly been revolutionized in all aspects.

Advanced sustainability research at Myrtle Beach rolloff rentals is leading the way in applying new methodologies where the sharing economy research could help shift forward deeperer conceptual and theoretical efforts. This research started a new dialogue to discuss challenges, insights and efforts to share architectures, designs and findings to promote a better management of our resources.

Recycling is one of the most important actions currently available to reduce the impacts of pollution and represents one of the most dynamic areas in the plastics industry research today. Recycling provides opportunities to reduce oil usage, carbon dioxide emissions and the quantities of waste requiring disposal. Some of our sponsors are involved with CA recycling advanced research, focusing on discovering new industrial materials more prone to recycling than the current ones used in various industries.

More than one dumpster rental company can attest that digital technology can make it possible to respond to some current societal challenges: computer vision is necessary to detect materials that current machines cannot detect. This type of software gives us information about the data in order to maximize our material recovery. Very speed-intensive, this analysis system uses optical fiber to store and process a very large volume of data. Such tool works on the basis of deep learning, that is to say a model where the machine is constantly enriched, learning through its experience. The fiber thus provides it with an appropriate bandwidth for the operation and development of the tool.

According to the latest academic research, waste management is becoming an increasingly important issue as the world population continues to grow and consume more resources. Research is focused on reducing the amount of waste generated and researchers are investigating ways to encourage sustainable consumption patterns among individuals, businesses, and governments. Some studies have shown that implementing "pay as you throw" policies, where households are charged based on the amount of waste they produce, can reduce the amount of waste generated by up to 30%. Another area of research is focused on developing innovative technologies and processes for managing waste. Researchers are investigating new methods for recycling and recovering materials from waste streams, such as converting plastics into fuel or using waste as a feedstock for chemical production. Additionally, there is increasing interest in the use of biodegradable materials and composting as sustainable alternatives to traditional waste management methods.

Furthermore scholars are also investigating the social and economic dimensions of waste management, understanding the social and economic impacts of different waste management policies, as well as the potential for waste management to create new jobs and economic opportunities. In particular, there is an increasing interest in the role of the circular economy, which seeks to create a closed-loop system where waste is minimized and resources are continually reused and recycled. Overall, the latest academic research in waste management is focused on finding innovative and sustainable solutions to one of the world's most pression issues.

A recent development is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a pivotal role in optimizing waste management processes. Through data analysis and predictive modeling, AI helps municipalities and companies enhance waste collection routes, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Image recognition technology aids in sorting recyclable materials efficiently at recycling facilities, increasing recycling rates. Machine learning algorithms analyze historical data to forecast waste generation patterns, enabling better resource allocation and planning. Smart bins equipped with sensors detect fill levels, optimizing collection schedules and minimizing overflow. Furthermore, AI-powered robots assist in sorting and processing waste in facilities, improving efficiency and reducing manual labor. Overall, AI is revolutionizing the waste management industry, making it more sustainable and cost-effective.

Many Ph.D. students have enjoyed the extensive group discussions in the friendly and constructive workshops. Discussing their research in such an international forum under the guidance of a panel of renowned and experienced CSCW researchers from leading universities was an invaluable learning experience.

CSCW 2008 Conference Proceedings are in the ACM Digital Library at:


Coming Dates:

27/12/19: CSCW 2019 was a super conference last year Austin, TX, from November 9th to 13th, 2019.

07/12/18: CSCW 2018 was a great conference last year in New York, NY, from November 3rd to 7th, 2018.

17/11/17: CSCW 2017 was a great conference last year in Portland Oregon, from February 25 to March 1st, 2017.

07/07/17: CSCW 2016 already took place in San Francisco USA, from February 27 to March 2nd, 2016.

03/09/14: CSCW 2015 will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on March 14-18.

09/11/13: CSCW2014 will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on February 15-19.

11/02/12: CSCW2013 will take place in San Antonio, Texas, USA on February 23-27.

03/12/12: Marietta L. Baba Professor of Anthropology at Michigan State University made her closing remarks and CSCW2013 is the next conference, details will follow shortly.

08/05/11: CSCW2012 will be held on February 11-15 in Seatle, Washington; this is the fifthteen CSCW conference taking place in one of the hubs of American technology on the West Coast.

12/15/10: CSCW2011 was held on March 19-23 on the edge of West Lake, the 1st time the conference is held outside of North America

11/17/09: Registration and hotel reservations to CSCW2010 available

10/18/09: Three panels added to CSCW2010's advance program

07/03/09: Notification date for Papers, Notes, Panels and Workshops for CSCW2010

5/18/09: Doctoral Colloquium, Interactive Posters, Demons-
tration and Videos Submission

03/22/09: Notification date for other venues


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