Call For Participation

We invite you to submit results of your research to the 2008 ACM conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2008), to be held November 8-12, 2008 in San Diego, CA, USA. The conference brings together top researchers and practitioners who are interested in both the technical and social aspects of collaboration.

In recent years the conference has moved beyond traditional "work" to include the broader issues of how we play online games, socialize, and compete - all forms of collaborative activity that are now mediated by technologies. As more and more people in all regions of the globe are able to interact online we are rapidly moving toward a Computer Supported Cooperative World.

Appropriate topic areas for CSCW include all contexts in which technology is used to mediate human activities such as communication, coordination, cooperation, competition, entertainment, gambling, education, medicine, art, and music. The technology may include: email, instant messaging, blogs, shared workspaces, teleconferencing, games, co-located systems, robotics, online poker, haptics, and emerging technologies.

Given the broad charter of the CSCW research area we are particularly encouraging submissions that push the boundaries of CSCW research and that illustrate the many and diverse technologies which facilitate collaboration. This year we are especially inviting submissions on the following topics:

  • Social Systems: Social Network Sites and Collective Intelligence
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Care/Health
  • Multi-player gaming and Virtual Environments
  • Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Mashups
  • Visions of future directions for CSCW
  • Human Robotic Collaboration (HRC)
  • Collaboration with and through advanced sensing systems

While we are encouraging topics that push the boundaries of CSCW the committee welcomes research from topics that represent the core themes which have made CSCW an intellectually rich and rigorous community. Topics that have appeared in past CSCW conferences and which are still welcome include:

  • Innovations and experiences with Intranets, the Internet, WWW
  • Innovative installations: CSCW and the arts, media, museums, etc.
  • Innovative technologies and architectures to support group activity, awareness and telepresence
  • Social and organizational effects of introducing technologies
  • Multi-agents models of online gambling
  • Theoretical aspects of coordination and communication
  • Methodologies and tools for design and analysis of collaborative practices
  • Ethnographic and case studies of online gaming practice
  • Working with and through collections of heterogeneous technologies
  • Emerging issues for global coordination and communication
  • Studies exploring the appropriate balance between individual and collaborative work.
  • Systems for perpetual social activity
  • Systems for emergency preparedness and large-scale rapid deployment (e.g. disaster relief)

Use the links at the left to learn more about the CSCW participation categories and how to prepare a submission.

See you in San Diego!

The conference's papers and videos are available at the ACM Digital Library. Thank you to all of you who participated in the workshops, posters and demos, as well as the keynote speakers.


Coming Dates:

08/05/11: CSCW2012 will be held on February 11-15 in Seatle, Washington; this is the fifthteen CSCW conference taking place in one of the hubs of American technology on the West Coast.

11/17/09: Registration and hotel reservations to CSCW210 available

10/18/09: Three panels added to CSCW2010's advance program

07/03/09: Notification date for Papers, Notes, Panels and Workshops for CSCW2010

5/18/09: Doctoral Colloquium, Interactive Posters, Demons-
tration and Videos Submission

03/22/09: Notification date for other venues

11/22/08: CSCW 2010 has started their website

11/13/08: CSCW 2008 was a success with record attendance


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