Papers and Notes

There are changes this year, please read the entire call for Papers and Notes for details.


  • April 18, 2008: Submissions due
  • July 3, 2008: Notification of acceptance
  • August 8, 2008: Camera ready versions of accepted papers and copyright release forms due

Papers and Notes should present original, unpublished research on how technology mediates the activities of collections of people. Both Papers and Notes will be presented at the CSCW conference and will be included in the conference Proceedings and as archival works in the ACM Digital Library. Papers and Notes should present research contributions to knowledge in the field of CSCW.

This year, Papers (10 pgs.) and Notes (4 pgs.) will be reviewed together by the same committee of reviewers and go through the same review process. This change will provide more uniform quality between Papers and Notes and enable authors to submit to the venue which better fits the scope and contribution of their work. Guidelines for deciding whether a Paper and Note is the most appropriate for your submission are described below.

Regarding topic areas, collaborative activities broadly include, but are not limited to, activities at work, in the home, in education, in medicine, in the arts, and for entertainment. CSCW is an international and interdisciplinary conference that has a special focus on how technology intersects with social practices. Potential areas of interest for stimulating new ways of thinking about, studying or supporting shared activities include:

  • empirical investigations - findings, guidelines, ethnographic descriptions, etc. from studies of current practice or use of existing technology with clear relevance to the design and deployment of collaborative systems.
  • novel designs & prototypes - descriptions of the design, architecture, usage experience, evaluation, etc. of new collaborative systems.
  • theories & models - critical analysis or organizing theory with clear relevance to the design or study of collaborative systems.
  • methodologies & tools - new methods and tools applied to studying or building collaborative systems.
  • system design - architectures, interaction design, technical foundations, etc. that enable building new collaborative systems.
  • current trends - critical analyses of current trends in Web 2.0, virtual worlds, social networking, online gaming, etc. that inform the design, deployment, or study of collaborative systems.
  • crossing boundaries - studies, prototypes, or other investigations that explore interactions across disciplines, cultures, generations, etc. to help better understand how to collaborate across social boundaries.

More and more complex architectures are required to handle the newest features in online applications. Playing online games has become a social experience with explosive growth. Thousands of players can interact in multiplayer computer games such as online poker, a modern descendant from what started a few decades ago as the multi-user dungeons. The new social computer games are purposefully designed to encourage interactions between players with chat features. A multitude of social game variations exist, from the traditional chess game to online poker tournaments gathering thousands of opponents. The interractions originating from these online games have not yet been studied in depth. In the game Star Wars Galaxiess, it is straightfoward to study the interaction with just two players, and this is the path taken by a few recent papers. Researching more than two players simultaneously is a much harder to compute problem. There exist different patterns of interactivity, which are affected by the structure of the online game. In this vein the Computer Poker Research Group at the University of Alberta has been writing papers to present their research. "Strategy Evaluation in Extensive Games with Importance Sampling" presented at the ICML 2008 conference in Helsinki, Finland details how their artificial intelligence program named Polaris won the Second Man-Machine Poker Championship. Two recent papers related to online games and online poker in particular, "Regret Minimization in Games with Incomplete Information" and "Computing Robust Counter-Strategies" are mentioned here for reference.

All Papers and Notes should make the case, for how the work relates to previous research or experience, what aspects of the work are new, and the major contributions it makes to the area of study. They will be evaluated on the basis of originality, significance of the contribution to the field, quality of research, quality of writing, and contribution to conference program diversity. The different length of Papers (10 pages, 20-minute talk) and Notes (4 pages, 10-minute talk) allows authors to choose an appropriate submission based on the amount of contribution or scope of the work. Submissions will be evaluated according to the venue (Paper or Note) selected by the author - there will be no mechanism for re-considering a submitted Paper as a shorter Note. We recommend that submitters consider carefully whether their work in its current state is more appropriate for a Paper or a Note. See our guide for some examples to help decide the appropriate venue for your submission.

The conference's papers and videos are available at the ACM Digital Library. Thank you to all of you who participated in the call for participation, posters and demos, as well as the keynote speakers.


Coming Dates:

11/02/12: CSCW2013 will take place in San Antonio, Texas, USA on February 23-27.

03/12/12: Marietta L. Baba Professor of Anthropology at Michigan State University made her closing remarks and CSCW2013 is the next conference, details will follow shortly.

08/05/11: CSCW2012 will be held on February 11-15 in Seatle, Washington; this is the fifthteen CSCW conference taking place in one of the hubs of American technology on the West Coast.

12/15/10: CSCW2011 was held on March 19-23 on the edge of West Lake, the 1st time the conference is held outside of North America

11/17/09: Registration and hotel reservations to CSCW2010 available

10/18/09: Three panels added to CSCW2010's advance program

07/03/09: Notification date for Papers, Notes, Panels and Workshops for CSCW2010

5/18/09: Doctoral Colloquium, Interactive Posters, Demons-
tration and Videos Submission

03/22/09: Notification date for other venues

11/22/08: CSCW 2010 has started their website

11/13/08: CSCW 2008 was a success with record attendance


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